Caring Accommodation
Caring Accommodation

What is Methodist Homes (MHA)?

MHA is a Section 21 Company that has been registered as a Non-Profit Organisation. MHA is controlled by a Board of Directors comprising prominent professional and business persons who provide expertise and guidance to the full time officials who manage the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

What is a retirement village?

A Retirement Village is best described as a lifestyle of living that caters specifically for people who want to live in a community of like-minded people who are wanting some of the hassles of everyday living taken care of. The advantages of living in a village are that there is excellent security to ensure personal safety; there are backup services in case of emergency, including access to an MHA frail care; there are support care services; meals; laundry facilities and physical and social activities. Each village has developed their services to meet the needs of their residents, and you should clarify these with management. You can expect to find a library, hairdresser, dining room, regular entertainment, outings, transport to shopping centres, gym and exercise classes.

What is MHA's mission?

MHA's mission is to provide affordable, secure and caring accommodation and services to the elderly.

How does MHA do this?

MHA provides life right accommodation, rental units, mid and frail care services to nearly 2000 residents located at 14 villages and homes in the Gauteng and North-West Provinces.

What is the history of MHA?

The organisation was started in 1970 and, over time, has built up a credible track record to become a major role player caring for the aged. The property portfolio is now valued at over R800 million, and this provides the major asset base of the organisation.

MHA is run on sound business principles to ensure success in an increasingly difficult environment, at all times remembering that most older people are trying to make ends meet out of fixed and often declining incomes.

What is MHA's association with the Methodist Church of SA?

The company has strong links with the church, and subscribes to high moral and ethical standards in the way it conducts its business. Having said that, the company is not in any way financially supported by the church. All board members are Methodists of good standing, and each home has a local committee that has a representative of the Methodist Church. All board and local committee members provide their expertise and guidance on a voluntary basis.

Who can live at an MHA home/village?

MHA is open for occupation by residents of all races, and of all religious denominations. No unfair discriminatory practices are applied and preference is given to previously disadvantaged persons. MHA participates actively in industry associations, such as Age-In-Action (previously SA Council for the Aged), SAAHA (South African Association of Homes for the Aged), as well as various regional forums. This enables MHA to keep up to date with activities and trends in the industry.

Why put your name on a waiting list?

Waiting lists are kept by each MHA village for each type of accommodation. This is a practical method to ensure that the costs of marketing are kept as low as possible. Some lists are short; others are long with relatively slow rates of turnover. Once at the top of a village waiting list you will have first choice, and will be able to occupy the village at the time that best suits your individual needs. There is a joining fee and an annual renewal fee to ensure waiting lists are kept up to date.

How young or how old must I be?

The minimum age of an occupant is 60 years, unless otherwise expressly agreed to by the MHA Board of Directors. Residents are allowed to be employed, and are always encouraged to remain as active as possible. A full medical report is required for all new occupants, and MHA has the right not to admit an applicant if the accommodation is not considered to be suitable for the resident.

How are the villages managed?

Each village employs full time professional staff to manage the village. In addition, each village has its own local committee which comprises community and resident representatives who advise management on the affairs of the village. Decision making is taken on a consensus basis. At all times, these structures are accountable to the MHA Board of Directors.

What does the future hold for MHA?

MHA has stood the test of time, is a respected player in the industry, and provides a product that is much in demand. As South Africa's population ages, so the need for the services of the company will continue to grow.

Fund Raising by MHA

There are always individuals living at an MHA home or village who are confronted by dire financial circumstances. The MHA Foundation, an independent registered Trust, governed by a board of Trustees, has been established for this purpose. This Foundation is reliant on donations and bequests from individuals and companies to assist needy aged people who are MHA residents.
Caring Accommodation

Social Security and Social Welfare

An increase in social grants was announced in the budget speech of 25 February 2015.

Understanding and Respecting a person with Dementia

It's very important that people with dementia are treated with respect as they are still a unique and valuable human being, with their own life experiences, their own needs and feelings, and their own likes and dislikes, despite their illness.
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Caring Accommodation
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